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I'm from KANSAS and WE LOVE REPUBLICANS! (someone save me)

Yesterday, Randi Rhodes was hitting this story all day: Neal Horsley, an outspoken anti-abortion activist, admitted on the Alan Colmes show that he has HAD SEX WITH ANIMALS. Seriously. Here's the audio. Unbelievable.

Amusingly, sensible conservatives can't distance themselves from him fast enough, while those who are as fiercely loyal and stupid as Horsley, say things like this:
"Later in the interview Horsley said 'If it's warm and it's damp and it vibrates you might in fact have sex with it.'

The liberals will probably spin that into something like 'Horsley admits to out of wedlock sex' when everyone knows what he did doesn't count in that regard!!"
DOESN'T COUNT IN THAT REGARD? Doesn't count in that regard. Hmm. At least the insane right wing is consistent in their hypocrisy, picking and choosing what counts as a "sin" (otherwise defined as "generally bad behavior") and what doesn't. Fucking A.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, here's this: Jim West, the Republican mayor of Spokane, WA has built much of his political career out of opposing gay rights, abortion rights, and teenage sex. Earlier this month it was revealed that West has used his office to lure young men through a gay website. From the Spokane Spokesman-Review:
"In an Internet chat room last New Year’s Eve where he discussed his recent date with an 18-year-old man, Spokane Mayor Jim West criticized the 'sex Nazis' who try to regulate private sexual behavior.

For years, that’s exactly what West tried to do in Olympia.

Over two decades, West rose to power in the Washington Legislature with a carefully cultivated image as a fiscally conservative Republican opposed to gay rights, abortion rights and teenage sex.
Further, men are now coming forth saying that in the 70's, West used his position as a boy scout leader to molest them.

I don't need to point out the connection here for you, do I? I don't need to spell out for you the incredible, blatant hypocrisy at work here. It's mind-boggling.

Mark Morford's column today was about West. Part of the article says the following:
"Here's what makes West and people like him rife with potential for, well, some of the nastiest and most dishonest and dangerous abuses humans are capable of.

It's the ability to ignore the incredible hypocrisy of your own life, the staggering amount of self-loathing, the pathetic insincerity. It's the ability to join a political party that not only openly loathes, but actually violently condemns, your choice in sexual partners, a sexually ignorant platform that claims to have some sort of direct line to a gay-hating war-loving God, and then, in the middle of who knows how many gay affairs, to feel no shame as you step right up and endorse that exact same hateful agenda as public policy.

It's the fact that, in West's case, you can still sleep at night after you've voted against gay love and railed against healthy teen sex and bashed women's rights and criticized adult/youth sex when you are, in fact, so confused and lost and deeply engaged in much of it yourself that it's very likely your mangled, hypocritical mind has lost the ability to distinguish between informed, consensual, happily kinky adult relationships and, say, abusing the honest trust of a pre-teen boy. Or, for that matter, many boys."
Some of what Randi Rhodes said yesterday was right along this same vein. She said that when people absolutely RAIL against a particular behavior, be it homosexuality, abortion, tenage sex or whatever, it seems to be fueled by some deep, dark, twisted, guilt-ridden part of that person's brain - the part of their brain that's being supressed, I suppose. That fiery zealotry, that passion can only be fueled by something as deeply personal as that.

This emerging evidence of the hypocrisy of much of the Republican party is just staggering.
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