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Randi Rhodes is again today making a point about Republican hypocrisy. Let's look at the two opposing facts.

You probably know about the bankruptcy bill which was just passed or will be passed shortly. It basically makes bankruptcy much less effective for the individual, eliminating much fewer of the debts, and I believe introducing the concept of a debtors prison. To simplify: The government doesn't want you to get out of paying your bills, regardless of what financial hardship you may be undergoing.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a large corporation like, say, United Airlines, the Federal Bankruptcy judges will allow you to, in the course of your bankruptcy, simply choose not to pay your employees their pensions. Their retirements. You know, part of their SALARIES. When you work for a company, you get compensated in a number of ways. Salary, benefits, and retirement being the main ones. Well, all these United employees who worked for however many years are having some of their previously agreed-upon compensation yanked, because of the financial hardship that United happens to be undergoing. Ironically, this choice could potentially put United employees into a position to need a personal bankruptcy. But wait - they can't! They're screwed!

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