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Jon ALWAYS cracks my shit up

xxxxxxxx (10:26:35 AM): what up?
BsyChld424 (10:26:46 AM): nothing I GOT ENGAGED
xxxxxxxx (10:26:58 AM): say what?
BsyChld424 (10:27:03 AM): :-D
xxxxxxxx (10:27:09 AM): congratulations
xxxxxxxx (10:27:12 AM): !
BsyChld424 (10:27:32 AM): thanks :-)
xxxxxxxx (10:27:43 AM): no kidding. when?
BsyChld424 (10:28:07 AM): well, at this point we're looking at next fall (a year and a half from now) but that's subject to change
xxxxxxxx (10:28:42 AM): very cool
BsyChld424 (10:28:48 AM): :-)
BsyChld424 (10:28:59 AM): I thought I'd be all nervous about it but I'm not
xxxxxxxx (10:29:22 AM): you've got 18 months to let the acid churn and eat you an ulcer. patience.
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