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Star Wars

I saw Attack of the Clones last night and I'm going to talk about it, so if you don't want to know what happens, .

GODDAMN!! Yoda representin the mad Jedi skills like WHOA! Fast little bastard!

Jar Jar is in the movie, and this annoys the shit out of me, but at least his part was very limited.

I got to see it in one of only 60 Boeing Digital cinemas nationwide chosen to show the movie in full digital. It's digitally distributed via satellite and digitally projected. The imagery and visuals and sound were just FANTASTIC.

Good special effects movies I've seen:
Pearl Harbor (not too bad)
Gladiator (not too bad)
Lord of the Rings (DAMN GOOD)

But SW:AOTC was the best I've seen so far. If not for the sheer amazingness of the imagery, then for the volume. LOTR had a lot of cool shit but dude... you can't get with lightsaber battles, speeders and star fighters dogfighting... just freakin amazing. Pretty much the whole movie was special effects. Industrial Light and Magic is god.

OO OO! And previews for the Matrix Reloaded!!!!

I love how in the theater, the "little" surround sound speakers in the rear had 2 15" subwoofers apiece.

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