I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I just fired off this e-mail to Wichita Festivals, Inc.:


My wife Tandra won this year's River Festival karaoke contest. The first prize was a trip to Las Vegas. Certainly you can imagine how excited we both were when this happened! This prize is apparently being provided by the owner of the bar where the final contest took place, Scotch & Soda at 13th & West. The owner goes by the name Weezy.

We have been calling and trying to reach Weezy since that day. We have left message after message with no response. Finally yesterday she called my wife back and we discovered to our dismay that what's being offered is not a trip for two to Las Vegas; it's simply an airline ticket for one. Weezy said "Let me know about a month ahead of when you want to go, and I'll buy your ticket. Depending on how much money we save on the ticket, I may buy your hotel room as well." Tandra was so upset that she didn't bother to ask for how many nights, but I think it's pretty evident that if Weezy is being this cheap about it, it would only be for one night. At this rate we'll be lucky if the airline ticket is round trip.

Let's be realistic here. No one wants to go to Las Vegas by themselves; no one wants to go and stay for just one night; and I certainly think that it's fair to assume that winning a trip to Vegas would include the hotel room and air fare AT A MINIMUM. When a working class person who can't afford to just take off to Vegas any time they want is told that they have won a trip like this, it's rather disappointing to discover that what's actually being provided is less than half the cost of the actual trip. Tandra and I would have had to budget tightly just to come up with spending money for the trip - raising money for the hotel rooms as well is just not possible. Otherwise we wouldn't *need* to win a free trip in order to go there.

So, why am I writing you about it? Well, I don't honestly expect you to be able to do anything about the so-called trip my wife won. I suppose you have no legal authority over Weezy's interpretation of what a trip to Vegas should entail. However, I think this is quite unfair and deceptive and that Weezy has grossly misrepresented the true value of winning first prize at this contest. She gets to look good to anyone else who was involved or heard about the contest, because they all assume that the first prize was a genuine trip to Vegas - two or three hotel nights and airfare for two. I think that's reasonable. But then in the end, Weezy gets to cheap out on the actual prize? This is shady behavior on her part.

Again, unless some contract was signed defining the specifics of the prize when you agreed to let Scotch and Soda be a part of the offical River Fest event, you probably have no legal authority with which to lean on Weezy and get her to make good on what I see as an outright deception, if not at the very least an attempt to skimp out on what she claimed to be offering. But perhaps this kind of behavior and business practice is something to keep in mind when you are considering next year's sponsors and partners. I for one will not be patronizing her establishment again.

I would certainly appreciate hearing any comments you might have on this matter, be they good or bad.

Thanks for your time.

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