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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

the next episode in the bogus karaoke contest saga

I just got a very nice and professional response from Wichita Festivals. Apparently, the karaoke contest was never an official River Fest event - the Scotch and Soda, in accordance with what appears to be their status quo of shady practices, was misrepresenting it as such.

I'll have to talk to Tandra to find out just how blatantly they represented the contest as being an official River Fest event.

I'm also going to make sure she doesn't object to me presenting this to the local media. I'll probably contact Weezy one more time to give her the chance to make this right before blowing the whistle on her, though it's not looking likely at this rate.

Hi Josh,

We are very sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with the Karaoke contest at the Scotch & Soda.

To set the record straight, this was not an official Wichita River Festival event. We had no knowledge the contest was taking place or that they were misrepresenting their contest as being part of the festival. We assure you, if it had been a Wichita River Festival(R) event, you would not be having these issues. We pride ourselves on professionalism and we work very closely with event organizers to confirm all details are in place before they are accepted into the schedule.

Unfortunately this is not the first time entities have tried to take advantage of the Wichita River Festival to promote their private enterprise. Wichita Festivals, Inc. is a not for profit organization producing the Wichita River Festival and situations such as these do not help us achieve our mission of quality community events.

Josh, we regret the problems you are having and we are doubtful Wichita Festivals, Inc. can be of any assistance as we had no involvement in the Karaoke contest. We wish you luck and hope the Scotch & Soda follows through with their commitment.

An idea might be the Better Business Bureau or the D.A.’s office, Consumer Fraud Division.

(If you have any literature or print collateral from the event which advertises the event being a part of the festival we would appreciate receiving a copy.)

Linda Davidson
Vice President Events
Wichita Festivals, Inc.

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