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Written Friday night...

wow... this is completely nuts.

ok, so probably none of you know that my fiancee scarletfirefly hosts karaoke occasionally. Right now it's 11:20PM Friday night and I'm in a bar in Augusta called the Oaktree. Augusta is a town about 15 minutes East of Wichita and I am telling you this is the most redneck town in the world. Being here lets me know I'm in Kansas. It reminds me of some old movie that Dolly Parton would be in. Or Dukes of Hazzard or something. Let's see what I am witnessing right now:

  • a woman and her mother square dancing alone on the dance floor (you know, doseedo, swing your partner round and round, elbows interlocked I shit you not)

  • a man with a mullet wearing a bandana on his head

  • a woman with a mullet wearing a bandana on her head

  • no less than three redneck/gangsta boys in ball caps

  • a sign that says "Proudly Serving Bud Light on tap"

There's this movie that was showing on HBO about 6 months ago called Whiteboys about a bunch of kids from Iowa who lived in some small town in the middle of corn fields. They listened to rap music and thought they were gangstas and one of them had a dream of being a rapper. He was convinced that Snoop Dogg would accept him and want to rap with him. He thought he was black on the inside. Ball caps backwards, big oversized jerseys, the whole bit. They decided to go to Chicago to get some drugs they could sell and got a taste of the real ghetto. Have you seen it? Anyway, those guys are here.

I so completely cannot relate to these people.

Tandra says I'm going to get jacked for my laptop. I don't think so.

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