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as evidenced by

msentropy (10:35:09 AM): Do you just want to call this whole day off and go home?
busychild424 (10:35:29 AM): yes, let's
msentropy (10:36:02 AM): I'm tired of living this lie...like I want to be here and stuff.
busychild424 (10:36:59 AM): so what are we going to do to buck the system
msentropy (10:38:50 AM): Heh dunno
busychild424 (10:39:17 AM): dude whatever it is, I'm down. I'm all psyched out on coffee man, I'm crazy this morning, who knows what the hell I might do man, don't tempt me
busychild424 (10:40:05 AM): for a startlingly low price I could be convinced to rip my shirt off and run around the building wild-eyed and sweaty, scaring the shit out of everyone before leaving (and never being permitted back into the building, I'm sure)
msentropy (10:40:05 AM): Whoa buddy
busychild424 (10:40:35 AM): I could do that and then take bribes to leave people alone
busychild424 (10:40:44 AM): "give me ten bucks and I'll go away"
busychild424 (10:40:51 AM): move to next cubicle, repeat
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