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more posting about the good stuff

My parents are in France for a couple weeks doing some missionary stuff. I took the liberty of going out to their house yesterday and picking up my dad's Tahoe to drive while they are gone. That will help out a lot, at least temporarily. I'm not generally a fan of SUVs, and driving it definitely takes some getting used to, but it's better than their BUICK PARK AVENUE. My dad drives a grandpa car. Seriously, my grandpa (his dad), and also my aunt and uncle on my dad's side, THEY ALL HAVE PARK AVENUES. Weird.

None of them understand the Miata at all.

My friend Matt has an unreasonable amount of HVAC knowledge and experience for a computer geek, so tonight he's going to come over and take a look at the A/C and see if he can figure anything out. That rocks. Even if I have to buy a part to fix it or something, I'm not paying labor, and I'm not paying some schlub $60 just to come out and tell me WTF is wrong with it.

And it was suggested to me to HOSE DOWN THE HOUSE during the hot part of the day. "It's so crazy... it JUST MIGHT WORK." Plus, how much fun is it to squirt water all over your own house? So I'm going to do that at lunch time.

QuikTrip has much better coffee than our bulk stainless steel instacrap maker. Especially with like 5 shots of irish cream flavored creamer. RAWK THE FUKK OUT.

Yesterday at around 4 we had this ridiculous cloudburst. It was dead hot and cloudless all day, and in the space of about 30 minutes this big-ass rainstorm just exploded. It was nowhere except RIGHT OVER WICHITA, and it WASN'T MOVING. It just kept swirling over Wichita, so it wound up dumping quite a lot of water on us. I took a couple pictures of what happens to the grounds here at work when it rains very much. Once I get the camera back from Tandra, I'll post them.

Okay, I have actual work to do. Later.

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    Relic, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: This relic is actually sitting unused in one of my classrooms.

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