I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Lots to talk about but not much energy to do it with. Maybe I'll elaborate tomorrow.

I was right, the tiny window unit does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the upstairs bedroom. It's unliveable. Last night we set up a little makeshift bedroom in the basement. I woke up with an all-too-familiar sensation - sore throat from mold. So - can't sleep upstairs in the bedroom, can't sleep in the basement. So currently I've set up camp in the Living Room which is only possible because Tandra's mom hasn't stayed here or watched kids here for the last three days.

Mercifully, it rained earlier, so it's a rather comfortable 85 degrees in here now. I've got THREE fans pointing on me. I'm dreading how it will feel tomorrow. I may actually avoid home and go places that are air-conditioned.

Like Valley Hope. I'll be visiting Tandra up there tomorrow evening. I took the day off work today and we went up there and checked her in. We are still facing the issue of not having enough gas money for me to visit her as often as we'd like, but since she stopped breast feeding to up her meds, at least that's not an issue.

So I'm basically a single dad for the next month. MONTH. It seems like a really long time right now. I can't imagine how long it must seem for Tandra.

I feel really good about this though. It's going to suck to be away from her for this long, but I know this is the best thing we can be doing right now. I'm going to rack up a $500 bill (that's my deductible), but odds are I just won't pay it, or I'll pay it in little bits, or something. It's a small nuisance compared to the fact that something needed to change, and everyone says good things about this place.

It's not going to address everything, she won't be 100% fixed and healthy when she gets home, but hopefully she'll be in a very strong place from which to continue.

I'm exhausted. Talk to you all tomorrow. Someone send me a big fat gift certificate for Ben & Jerry's.

Actually, what I really could use is this: An alarm clock radio/cd player that plays burned CD-Rs (not MP3s, that's not necessary, just audio cds) and has a headphone jack, and plugs into the wall. I'm taking donations, otherwise I'll have to buy her one tomorrow.

Okay. I'm really going now.
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