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Yesterday was another good day. A really good day, in fact. Nothing disastrous or catastrophic or even annoying happened. The A/C got fixed. Tandra and I did some talking, some actual good communication, which was really nice. We also made some progress on our plans for the next couple months. We'll be having our moving sale no later than September 15th-17th, we'll secure an apartment right around the 20th, we'll start moving the weekend of the 23rd-25th, I'll work down here one more week and we'll finish moving the weekend of 9/30-10/2 and I'll start work in Kansas City on 10/3. So I'll have a job through the end of October.

30 days isn't very long to get another job set up, so I'm going to have to bust my ass to get it done.

<minor annoyance>We've been sleeping in Tandra's mom's bedroom on her bed since she's basically moved out to Tandra's brother's apartment and the upstairs bedroom is still kind of warm. Tandra's mom's bed does bad things to my back. I'm uncomfortable today.</minor annoyance>

I'm not really feeling any anxiety yet today. That's good.

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