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Wow, lots to talk about.

Finally this morning I felt crappy enough to stay home from work. Right now I'd say it did the trick, I'm feeling much better, so that's good. On to the interesting stuff.

Last night Tandra and I had a talk. Turns out that her psychologist and a friend of mine both expressed concern over the timing of our move to Kansas City, within a day or so of each other. This is really annoying because it forces us to face these extremely valid concerns. I've been saying for FOREVER that we are going to move to KC and it never happens. Always some circumstance jumps up and makes it a bad idea and it doesn't work out. I had decided that if I keep letting circumstances prevent us from moving up there, then it's never going to really happen. And even though I've lived here for 27 of my 29 years and Tandra's lived here her whole life, we don't want to live and never have known anything else. We both want desperately to move to KC for reasons beyond just being near the kids.

But it's true, now's not the best time. Tandra has a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist who are all working together to try to get her the care she needs. Her meds, while constantly improving, aren't completely leveled out yet. Her therapy isn't in a place where transitioning doctors is a great idea right now. It's not a good time for me to risk possibly going without health insurance for any amount of time, nor to risk that this might count as a "pre-existing condition" that a new insurance policy might not cover.

Also our bankruptcy is not finished, and my felony expungement was initially denied, so I have to set a hearing for that to have it heard by a judge. So we just have unfinished business here.

Still, it's discouraging.

But, I figured that if we're going to be here a while longer, we might as well make the best of it. So I told Tandra that we should probably go ahead and go to school this semester. I had already put in both of our FAFSAs and had the info sent to Cowley, had already enrolled myself way earlier in the year, assuming I'd just drop the classes if we went ahead and moved. So all we had to do was get Tandra enrolled and get her schedule figured out. So I told Tandra we needed to get down there and get that taken care of pretty soon.

I guess I really just didn't put it together, didn't realize that school was starting quite as soon as it actually is. Fortunately I bugged Tandra enough today that we actually did get down there today. I commented to her that it looked pretty damn busy for summer classes, and then we found out that this is because Fall classes started TODAY. My schedule held, our Pell Grants are paying for everything which means I won't be obligated to Envision for anything if I decide to leave there inside of two years (which I am). It went even better for Tandra. Not only will she have her 62 credit hours at the end of this semester which will allow her to substitute teach (something she is REAL excited about), but she'll be one College Algebra course away from her Associates degree. She got into a class which is being taught by her favorite professor of all time, who had moved to Arizona but who is evidently back. Tandra is REAL excited about this too. We took all of this as a sign that staying here for now was the right decision.

I couldn't be happier; I think going to school will really center Tandra, give her some focus, get her out of this depression or at least keep her too busy to wallow in it. And now I'm doing the one thing I can do which is more sure than anything else to eventually boost my income and allow me to better provide for my family. That's still a ways off, but it's good to feel like I'm making progress.

Ha, ask me that in a couple months when I'm up to my freaking eyeballs in work, school, baby, and everything else.

Tandra's first class is TOMORROW, and mine is Tuesday. Child care is taken care of, and after my car is fixed the driving/car schedule won't be too much of a hassle, though this next week it will be.

We still have to have our moving sale and move out of this house according to that schedule (within the next 5 weeks, I think), so moving during school will be a challenge, but at least we're doing the big downsize (from a 1700sf house to a 1 or 2 br house or apt) within the same city. That will make the eventual move to KC easier.

My only big challenge is that for some weird reason, the class schedule I signed up for has me in classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that start at 4PM - this will require me to leave work at 3:30. I gotta talk my boss into that.

So yeah - lots has changed in the last 24 hours, and now I can say pretty confidently that our bad luck is swinging around to the good.
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