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Dude, for real I just feel like being mean today. I feel like bitching someone out for something. I wish someone would cross me just so I could tell them about their mother and make them cry.

That, or I want $100 and the day off so I can hop in my car and just drive all over the place. I know some twisties and roller coaster roads not too far from here and today would be a great day to just get away and hit the road for the day.

You know, if I thought I could get away with it, and if I thought it wouldn't just make it worse, I'd really like to just blow up all the major oil companies' buildings and shit. Not the infrastructure, not the trucks or pipelines, but just the executive buildings. And I'd like to get all the execs that arbitrarily jack up the prices and throw them all in a hole somewhere forever and hire a bunch of libertarians in their places.

Maybe I should just become a Socialist.

OOOOH, now i'm even MORE pissed off. I just used the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis' Consumer Price Index Calculator. From their site:
The CPI is used to calculate how prices have changed over the years. Let's say you have $7 in your pocket to purchase some goods and services today. How much money would you have needed in 1950 to buy the same amount of goods and services?
So I decided to look at the price of gasoline. Remember before the first Gulf War in around 1990, gas was about $.90/gallon?

Yeah. According to this, adjusted for inflation and the depreciation of the dollar and whatnot, gas should be costing $1.34/gallon right now. So why is it DOUBLE THAT??

Fuckers. Greedy-ass bitches.
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