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Now she's truly Mrs. Lefty, for those who get that joke.


So, we're back from immediate care. Tandra's hand isn't sprained or fractured - it's BROKEN.

X-rays are really hard to scan. I had to put them on the scanner, put a piece of printer paper on top of them to diffuse the light, and then hold my 500w halogen work light over the paper to get them to register. Even then I had to mess with them in Photoshop.

Here's a top-down view of her hand, palm down. I pointed to the break. From this perspective the bone is displaced straight down or directly away from the "camera", so it's hard to see.

I took a picture of my own hand from the same perspective of this next x-ray so you could see how it was situated, otherwise it just looks like another top-down palm-down:

You can really see how displaced the bone is in this one. The broken part got crushed inwards, towards the palm, in the direction you'd expect it to get crushed from knocking the holy hell out of someone.

Tandra's "Boxer Splint"


They're going to call her tomorrow morning with an appointment time with an Orthopedic Doctor. He'll have to numb her hand up and crack the bone back into place. Then they'll immobilize it somehow, a cast or something.

"Hey Tandra, have you ever broken a bone?"

"...yeah... my hand... on someone's face."


Yes, she's in pain. Yes, we're both laughing about it. As I said to her, if I had to choose between having my wife come home from the bar with a fucked up hand, and my wife coming home from the bar with a fucked up face, I want the wife with the broken hand. heheheh.

Apparently what happened was that Tandra was already drunk (it's because she's been out of Lithium for two days - that's being remedied as we speak, so no big worries there) and she tripped over the corner of this girl's chair when she got up to sing. This girl huffed and called her a bitch, just because she tripped over her chair. Tandra turned around and said, "What the FUCK??" but two of her friends who were there gave her the look like "just leave it." So she left it, went up and sang, but she was PISSED. (She's a redhead. She has a temper like a redhead.)

To condense all the drama, later Tandra went up to her to apologize but the girl was completely shitty about it for no apparent reason and Tandra wasn't having it. Tandra was sitting down and talking a little shit and the girl turned around and called her a bitch (for like the third time) and Tandra got up, grabbed her by the shirt and threw her towards the door. She was going to at least try to get her outside. Tandra was yelling, "get the fuck outside you cunt!" but this girl wouldn't go, so Tandra shoved her up against the door trying to get her to go outside. She still wouldn't go so Tandra just started pounding on her. I guess she connected with this girl's face at least three times before she got pulled off. Funny part: The other girl got banned from the bar, but Tandra didn't (though she did get reprimanded and says she probably won't go back there for a while).

So yeah, Tandra was the asshole at the bar, and unfortunately Tandra is the one who initiated the physical fight, but I can't really say I blame her too much. Maybe I'm biased though.

I wonder what the x-ray of that bitch's jaw would look like right now. heheheh.
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