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Tandra's in a lot of pain. Enough pain that she was in tears and unable to sleep all night. Her appointment to get the bone set and get her cast or whatever isn't until tomorrow morning. With her current splint she can't use the computer or write or change the baby's diaper and it's difficult for her even to eat or feed the baby or anything, really. I really hope they are able to get her some kind of cast or something that frees up the motion of her first three fingers on that hand.

She has a lot of math homework that she's behind on. Last night she was talking about having to quit school this semester, but that might have been pain and exhaustion talking. I'm not going to let her quit school even if I have to do her math myself. :-)

Talked to our bankruptcy attorney a few times in the last couple days. Sounds like we'll be able to file ahead of the 10/14 rule change, but we have so many creditors that he wants an additional $70. (The limit is 26, we have 77.) So I'm probably going to go get a paycheck loan from the pawn shop. I FRIGGIN HATE THOSE GODDAMN LOANS. HATE THEM. But, at least you can pay them down in increments instead of having to come up with the whole amount all at once like you do with a pawn. I just don't have any other choice right now. The interest on those is just unbelievable, but... you know, desperate times.

I did just get some good news though, and it has nothing to do with car insurance. Apparently I already paid a big chunk of the electric bill, the part that was going to get us disconnected, and I'm not even past due at all with them. That's a huge relief. Now to arrange to keep the internet/telephones/tv on.
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