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Fact 1:
I hate yard work. HATE IT. DESPISE IT. WILL NOT DO IT.

I've lived in my house for 2.5 years and I have personally mowed the yard I believe three times and paid someone else to do it two or three times.

Yes, I'm the neighbor with the yard that's taller than everyone else's. I care what my house looks like, I really do, but not enough to do yard work. That's how much I hate it.

Fact 2:
As I've bitched before, my paycheck was very short this time around. Also our bankruptcy attorney needs an additional $70 and I don't want to wait around on that because we MUST file before 10/14 when the rules change. I had intended to go to the pawn shop and get a payday loan. I hate those, they are always the last possible alternative, but we're out of options.

My dad lives on 1.5 acres. My grandpa lives on a big lot too, probably .75 acres. Not just little city yards.

My dad has offered me $100 to trim and mow both yards tomorrow. Trim being defined as going around all fences and buildings with a string trimmer (weed whacker). An electric one, so there's the PITA cord to deal with.

It's hard for Tandra to take care of the baby without me with only one hand being really usable, and my dad can't do it because he's got poison ivy. (Which is also why he needs me to do it - he's not supposed to get hot and sweaty. He's really sensitive to poison ivy.) Mom's out of town. Someone has to watch the baby while I mow, if I choose to do that.


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