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Monday mornings at work should come with a 30-minute grace period. (Though I still would have been late.)

Friday was the usual. Went home. Hung out doing something-or-other, I forget what, while Tandra was at work.

7 hours of yard work. Then we went to the drive-in. We saw Transporter 2, the 40 Year Old Virgin, and Wedding Crashers.

Transporter 2: About ten minutes in I was thinking about how this was possibly the stupidest movie I'd ever seen until Tandra observed that "it's like an American Kung Fu movie", after which I was completely able to enjoy it. Imagine taking your first drink of Sunny D expecting it to taste like orange juice. It tastes like ass, until someone says "hey, it's not supposed to taste like orange juice, it's just orange-colored breakfast beverage", after which point it tastes pretty good and maybe you begin to have a need for one of those huge jugs of it in your fridge at all times. Okay, I don't need to see that movie ever again, it wasn't that good, but you get my point. It was something to do until the next movie started.

40 Year Old Virgin: Dude, Steve Carell is genius. His stuff on the Daily Show was great, The Office is hilarious, and this movie was a riot. I seriously laughed all the way through this movie which is an accomplishment for any movie.

Wedding Crashers: Pretty funny, pretty predictable. A humor level much like American Wedding. It was alright. At ten bucks a carload (that's $5 apiece) for both of us to see all three movies, I can't complain.

Oh yeah, and I kept my contacts in too long or something and they got dry and fuzzy and the left one is permanently damaged. That's REALLY ANNOYING.

7 hours of homework pretty much was the highlight of my day.

Oh, other than stabbing the holy living shit out of my thumb with a steak knife. It probably went down to the bone. I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I probably really should have gotten stitches, but fuck that. Stitches scare me. So I just put some gauze on it and taped it up. Seems to be ok so far, but I'm probably going to have to leave it taped up for a few days.

Tandra woke me up in like the best possible way - she brought me home donuts and gave me a full body scratch and some rubbins and it was wonderful.

And now it's 11 and I totally haven't done any work yet.

And now, I leave you with this, from Overheard In New York:

Girl: What is all that screaming ahead?
Guy: Maybe they are doing a reenactment of September 11th.
--Ground Zero
Overheard by: A A F

Tourist woman: Where is the World Trade Center?
New Yorker guy: You missed it.
--Chambers and W. Broadway
Overheard by: tom brigham


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