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The car is handling kind of wacky. Weight transfer to the front on throttle lift in a corner is having a really exaggerated effect, the front end really bites in and jerks off line. I think I'm understeering under throttle. My front camber isn't as close to my rear camber as it needs to be so I'm going to get the alignment adjusted, and also one guy pointed out that I tightened all my suspension bolts with the wheels dangling, not loaded, so that preloads the suspension. So I gotta figure out a way to fix that.

I know that lifting or fiddling with the inputs at all in a turn is bad racing form. This isn't for racing - this is for predictable handling in an unpredictable situation, i.e. street traffic.

Tandra's hand
We don't like the Orthopedic doctor who put the splint on Tandra's hand. She went from hearing, "Well, we don't *think* you'll have to have surgery" from the people who took the x-rays, to "Yep, you broke it" from the O.D. who just threw a splint on it, wrapped it up and called it good. WTF? There are bones and joints all out of place in there, we don't want it to heal that way. So she's going to get a second opinion from her regular doctor on Wednesday. I suppose it's possible she might have to have it re-broken so it can be set properly.
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