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You only care about this if you're into cars and SCCA and Miatas and stuff.

I'm getting, for free, from a source who shall remain nameless, 2 copies of the following graphic printed up on a plotter that cuts vinyl and applies adhesive, so it will be one of those stickers where you lay it down on the surface and then peel the backing away, and instead of having just one sticker, each letter or number or character is its own sticker, you know what I mean?

To give you an idea of scale, the STS2 and product images are 12" wide. They will be printed in GUNMETAL, to MATCH MY RIMS. Then I just have to buy the white magnetic backing, stick the stickers on the magnets, cut them out, and I'm good to go for all my race day numbers and stuff.

And there's an Autocross this Sunday!
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