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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

So, some years back I used to have a one-bedroom apartment on the river. It was when I was working at Worldpages. It was my first real job and my first real apartment, my first taste of true, self-earned independence, and it was fabulous. I had some great times there, but aside from that, it was just a really nice place. It had a brick fireplace in the corner, and the balcony looked directly out onto the river, with a park on the other side. Gorgeous view. I ran a set of indoor/outdoor speakers from the stereo out there so I had some tunes. I have very fond memories of that apartment and always regretted moving out just because they wanted to jack up the rent.

Today I put down a deposit on a 2-bedroom apartment. The complex is directly next door to the one I used to live at. The balcony of our new apartment overlooks the same river and the same park as the old place did, it's just down a little bit. Tandra wanted to move into a community in that area, so that was already done, but earlier it looked like in order to meet the date we needed to move in, we would have a balcony overlooking a parking lot or another one of the buildings. Upon further investigation we found that this one would be available just a few days later, so we're going to chance it and wait, and hope we don't get forcefully ejected from our home during that time. (I find this unlikely.) So, I'm happy. Furthermore, I'm spending just about the same on this 2BR as I was spending on the 1BR at the other place. Maybe I was justified in protesting the rent after all.

Downside: I need a garage. I need a place for my tools and for whichever set of wheels and tires I'm not using at the moment (I have Winter and Other). I need a place for our washer and dryer because we got them for free, they work great, and I don't want to get rid of them. We'll own another home someday, and probably rent one before that.

We have WAYYYYY too much shit for this place, even after the garage sale (though the sale has helped immensely).

Storage unit? Ergh... I hope not, but it's looking likely.

Overall I'm pleased though. Weird that I'm changing jobs and residences at almost exactly the same time. I guess it's time for a new phase in life. Things seem to be improving and going well; that's a good foundation for a new phase. I welcome it.
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