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Feeling much better today. Worked some more on the kitchen cabinet we bought Sunday. It's all 50's looking, sheet petal painted white with aluminum handles on the drawers and cabinets. it's cool, but the bottom of it is rusted to fuck. I got the rust off the sides at the bottom, but not the bottom itself. I bought a rust stripping dealy for my drill and took to that thing like a crazy person last night, and only got one layer off. Applied cancer gel rust remover and this morning, it looks better, but damn, there's still a lot of rust on it. Gotta take the drill to it again, and stuff. After that we'll put rust-resistant paint on it. But in the meantime there's this big piece of furniture hanging out on its side in the driveway...don't say a WORD.

In three hours I will be at the airport, in four (roughly) on a plane, in just over six, in Chicago. This will be fun, I think.

Ok, off to pack and shower and such.
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