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Okay, so I've been known to bitch about the fact that the upcoming Skyline looks like nothing more than an Infiniti G35. The G35 is a very pretty car IMO, but come on, we're talking about the SKYLINE here. A LEGENDARY car (justifiably, and not just among ricers) with a rather nice and desirable engine (RB26DETT, twin-turbocharged 2.6L inline 6) that can make insane amounts of horsepower, and oh yeah, it's got AWD to boot and is equipped with all sorts of computerized thingies to make you stay on the road and pointed in the direction you want to go in spite of the Spy Hunter/James Bond oil slicks you've just slalomed through.

I once read an account by a guy trying to sell his R34 Skyline that basically read like this: "How to take a corner in a Skyline: 1. Fly towards the turn at 50 mph faster than you think you can possibly manage. 2. Turn steering wheel. 3. Marvel as the stability and traction control touch the throttle and brakes for each of the four wheels individually, pulling you smoothly and quickly through the turn as though you were taking a leisurely drive through the countryside."

So this is the car that Nissan is resurrecting. I'm really tired of auto makers building expectations by bringing back the names of old school favorites and then putting them on bulky, ugly cars with decent sized engines and really nothing else terribly interesting about them. (Examples: Charger, GTO. Yes, I think they're both ugly and far prefer the originals.*) So when I saw concept art on the new Skyline and it was nothing more than a G35 (Nissan and Infiniti are copulating or somehow otherwise related), I was once again disappointed.

But now Autoblog has new pictures of the new Skyline GT-R (which may be different than the regular new non-GT-R Skyline) that look more like a cross between the G35 and the 350z with a dash of old Skyline R34 thrown in, and I have to say it's growing on me.

*I mean, come on:

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