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So, I'm still unbelievably busy. The new job is going great so far. The gadgetry is almost enough to get me hard. I'm getting a hand-me-down Dell Axim,

and since they're putting $200 towards my new cell phone, I'm getting an LG VX 9800.

This freaking cell phone plays MP3s and shoots video and has a 1.3MP camera, among TONS of other things.

Can't freaking beat that.

School is kicking my ass; still haven't gotten caught up from moving, though I'm making progress.

The apartment is not unpacked, not clean, not orderly, and we need to do laundry BAD. It's getting frustrating because any time I have spare time, I have to use it to catch up my homework, not to unpack the apartment or spend quality time with Tandra. It sucks.

Although I have taken a few hours and just said "fuck it" and spent time with her anyway. Definitely well worth it.

Ok. Sorry the updates are so sparse. More later, eventually, at some point. Miss you all.
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