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Those toys I said I was getting? I have them now.

I'm also flying to Atlanta at the end of November for training, and while I'm there I get to drive my boss's BMW 3-series. (At least I think it's a 3-series. I won't mind if it's a 5. In either case I'll try to get him to trade it in for an ///M3 or ///M5, whichever is applicable.) ;-)

Oh yeah. For my bankruptcy, the federal government is basically telling me not to cash my tax refund for this year because it belongs to them. So I switched my exemptions from the minimum to the maximum for the rest of the year so I can get that money in pocket rather than having it withheld and losing it in my refund. I also am not having 401k contributions taken out yet, and I'm not having health insurance taken out yet, so this will not continue... but I got a paycheck today for my first week here. 5 work days. The net take-home amount on this check is $15 less than what I was getting twice a month (that's about 12 work days) at Envision. That would work out to about a 96% raise in take-home pay, or almost double. Even after they start taking that stuff out I still estimate I'll be getting about a 40% raise. Until I change my tax exemption status, then I bet it's still at 30% or 35%.

Yeah, it's fair to say I'm digging the new job.
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