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jesus christ, this guy never updates any more.

Today marks the end of my second week here, and I've just finished my first project. I had a LOT of help from the guy who was here before me, but it still feels good.

Life continues to be pretty damn good for the most part. Tandra is still struggling with her illness but she's working at it and trying to help herself, and she is taking her meds like she's supposed to. She's also seen both of her doctors in the last week, which is good - she hadn't been doing that for a little while. Her sleep schedule was slowly shifting back to normal, but now last night cramps kept her awake all night. (It's her first period since getting pregnant with Kai so it's a doozy.)

She wasn't feeling very good Wednesday and asked me if I would stay home with her. I compromised and worked from home. I have a VPN connection on the laptop so it was almost exactly the same as being in the office, only I got to enjoy the weather (which has been PHENOMENALLY NICE) and work from my living room. I was quite satisified with my productivity for the day, which was my only real concern. So that was nice. She's feeling much better now.

I'm almost completely caught up in school, though I have a lot to do this weekend to stay that way.

Right now I'm reaping the benefits of overlapping two jobs for two weeks. It's very nice.

The kids, the step-kids, Nic and Xandria are coming down from KC tonight to stay with us for the weekend! Tandra and I are HUGELY excited. Since we have a couple extra pennies we are going to actually be able to take them to do stuff, which will be cool. Add to that my homework and a little bit of work I need to do on my car which is going to get done right at the storage unit because that's where my jack and tools are, and it looks like I'm in for a VERY busy weekend, but a good one.

I dropped off an ungodly number of rolls of film yesterday. Most of them were of a wedding I shot. I'm interested to see how well those turn out, but I'm even more interested to see what's on the couple rolls that I just FOUND while we were moving. I have NO IDEA what's on them. Unfortunately I won't know until Tuesday night.

HOWEVER, I also dropped off my very first roll of Velvia and two rolls of Ilford 3200 B&W that I shot of preparations for the wedding, shot without a flash. There are also 8 or so shots of the baby which ought to be pretty good on one of those rolls. Those I get to go pick up right after work tonight, so I'm excited about that.

I have a mini-SD card with a regular SD card adapter. The SD card with adapter fits in my PocketPC and the mini-SD card, when taken out of the adapter, fits in my phone. So I can push MP3 files (or whatever kind of file I want) onto the card through the PocketPC, and then transfer them to my phone. My phone even has its own little built-in MP3 player. Which is just COOL. I love toys. Toys toys toys.

I've enrolled for classes next semester. Should be an absolute cream puff of a semester. I'm banging out my Phys Ed requirement with a pre-session class - four hours a day for four days, the week before the semester starts, and that class is done. Then for the Spring semester I have Elementary Algebra (cause I don't remember ANY math from High School) and Business Communications, both online, and, get this, Intro to Photography. I'm super excited about that one. During the second week of the semester I'll add another online course, Computer Applications, because it's required and "testing out" is more trouble than it's worth. That one is going to be <sarcasm>SO HARD OMG I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE IT.</sarcasm>

Side note: Do you guys remember Tara Canfield, the instructor of the Speech class Tandra and I took about three years ago? I would come back every Thursday with stories of the stupid shit she'd say? You know, this lady? She's the instructor for my Business Communications class. But now I don't have to listen to her mouth, so it's cool.

Umm, okay, that's about it for the moment. I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth and I am somehow not burned out and I don't even feel like I'm approaching burnout, which is actually rather impressive if I do say so myself. Just up to my eyeballs in STUFF.

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