I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

What happens to cars when they come to America

Meet the Vauxhall VXR220. Turbocharged 2.0 L (GM) engine mounted amidships. 220 hp, 221 ft-lbs, 2045 lbs. 0-60 in 4.2. Top speed 154 mph.

Not available in the USA.


The Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice, respectively. Pretty much the same car underneath. Normally aspirated 2.4 Liter Ecotec I4, mounted up front. 170hp, 162 ft-lbs, 2860 lbs. No one seems to know its 0-60 time, but with 40% more weight and 30% less power I think we can assume it will be underwhelming.

Available early next year.
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