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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

can you die from exhaustion?

Hi, hello, here I am. Holy shit, I feel like crap. I'm nauseous and I've had a headache over my right eye for two days.

I'm sleep-deprived.

I need to poop.

ONE of these things I am able to take care of right now - YOU figure out which one it is. I'm not telling.

I'm all done with school for the semester with Art Appreciation being one small exception: I have a make-up test to take, three papers to write, a museum to visit, five or six assignments to do, a presentation to prepare, and a final to study for... BY TOMORROW. Hello, exhaustion? Yeah, you're just gonna have to wait a bit longer. Sorry about that.

My all-season tires are NOTABLY less sticky than my wicked-tread-pattern-sticky-tires. And the wheels they're on are far uglier. The Miata doesn't like winter.

I'm thinking of test-driving an '06 Miata on the day of next spring's first autocross and running that instead of my car, just for fun. Without permission, of course. What a hoot that would be.

Tandra's car still doesn't like to run when it's real cold. ("Real cold" by Kansas standards being roughly freezing or below.) It's warm enough here now that it's behaving properly, but we're going to freaking SOUTH DAKOTA for Christmas (400 miles directly into the great barren north (This is where the Scandinavians settled because it reminded them of home - you know, FINLAND and NORWAY and SWEDEN and all those GODDAMN COLD PLACES - "ya hey dere, oh you betcha, ya" (I'm 1/4 Norwegian (Go watch Fargo if you're still lost (one more nested parenthetical phrase for good measure))))) and you can bet it's going to be cold as fuck there. So we gotta get that fixed. Fortunately I found a good mechanic to help me with it. The Mystique has all sorts of SENSORS and things all over it that my Miata doesn't have, and the documentation that's out there for working on these cars is significantly less plentiful. Not to mention the fact that this car is simply harder to work on - newer, FAR more cramped engine bay (V6), etc. Plus it's cold outside and I have no garage and no driveway - working on it myself would mean doing it at the storage unit, and I'm not at all confident I could make anything I did to that car a two or three hour job. So I'm sacrificing my man-ego and letting an actual mechanic do the work. I took it to him yesterday to check out the code that was throwing the CEL - Bank 1 Lean. He told me the code and cleared it off (no charge - good deal) - we'll see how long it takes to come back. Unfortunately that told us absolutely nothing about why it shudders and hesitates and won't maintain idle speed and sometimes dies when it's real cold outside. MAF sensor was clean and if it's the fuel pump or filter I'll be pissed - we just replaced those, like... shit, I guess it was at least 20,000 miles ago, maybe that's part of it. On the other hand, it was doing this same thing LAST winter, and the fuel filter wasn't 20k old then. I think it's a sensor or two, personally. That or carbon deposits sticking the IAC valve - notorious problem with these cars. It's supposed to get colder towards the end of this week; hopefully the car starts misbehaving again and I can take it to him while the weather's still cold.

Last night I was up until 1:30 working on actual WORK stuff (from home) - we had an update to install to our application and one thing I'd written suddenly required "enhancement." That was "fun".

Ok, did I mention I feel like shit? If I still feel like this at noon, I'm going home, only I'm not going home, I'm going to school to take my test and sell Tandra's books back, and then I'm going home, only I have to stop at an art gallery of my choice on the way and pick a piece to write a paper about, and THEN I'm going home, but I'm not resting, I'm doing schoolwork, and HOLY SHIT THIS SUCKS AND AM I GLAD THIS IS THE END OF THE SEMESTER. HOLY GOD.

And I'm doing it all again next semester. Why? So that I can get my $1300 Stafford Loan disbursement (can you say TURBO) instead of having to start paying it back. (And for Intro to Photography.)

And as soon as those bitches pay me for my freelance, I can order the Pentax. I'm going to be rather irritated if I can't get it here in time for the South Dakota trip.
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