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My head hurts.
Tandra picked me up and we went to Applebee's for lunch. (Thank you for lunch baby.) She bought a cute new outfit and I dig it.
I'm going riding tonight with Miah and Bruce (yay)
No work Thursday (yay)
Jess and Shea came over last night and we watched Glorious (yay)

That reminds me of something. Tandra says that inviting someone over and slapping a video in is extremely rude. She said something like "I invite people over to socialize with them, to talk to them, find out about their life." I'm thinking to myself 'yeah but guys don't like to talk. Only girls. Guys don't care. We just want to be entertained.' Thoughts, anyone?

I got a decent amount of sleep but somehow I'm still sleepy.
I enrolled for school yesterday. Macroeconomics will probably be both dry and boring and interesting at the same time.
Now I have to go talk the CFO into paying for it.
What the hell, it's community college. It's the 13th grade. I'm going there for my prereqs because it's the path of least resistance. A whole year will cost him less than it cost him to send me to a conference for three days last month. Hope he sees my point of view. Furthermore it has an ongoing benefit to him and to the company. Yeah, I got this.
I really don't like having to wear "nice" clothes to work. I miss the jeans and t-shirt days.
I want a Focus SVT. Or a Golf GTI. Or maybe a Civic Si. Possibly an Impreza WRX.
I need a raise.
I should try starting one of these sentences with something other than "I".
My back hurts. (there we go)
I yawn all the time, even when I'm not tired.
Last night Tandra made up a recipe for pasta salad. It was GOOOOD. She also made up a recipe where she took chicken breasts and threw them in a baking dish with onions, squash, cream of mushroom soup, and mushrooms. It was GOOOOD.
I should read more than I do.
I missed a doctors appointment this morning.
I have a huge cavity. I can't chew on the right side. I'm getting it filled (finally) Monday since my first day of dental coverage was yesterday. Yesterday was my general exam/cleaning. I brush well but drink too much pop and kool-aid. This is why I've (starting a week or so ago) decided to stop drinking those. I'm also trying to cut caffeine mostly or completely out. Probably part of why I feel sleepy. Maybe why I've been headachey too.

To Tandra:
I thought of this - you have to hurry up and get a d-word so you can get a b-word, because a b-word might take a while and you have to be finished with that before we get m-word.

Someone tell me where some cool online games are (besides pogo and shockwave)


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