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Wow. So much going on. I'm just going to hit the highlights:

A couple weeks ago Tandra gave me Need for Speed Most Wanted for Christmas. I like it, but it's nothing extraordinary. Running from the cops is fun but nothing really new or different. Time for a new generation of game - maybe PS3 time?

For Christmas we picked up the kids and the five of us went to the family farm in South Dakota. It was fun, good catching up with family and I took some great pictures, but it was very busy and not restful, not a vacation of any sort. Hopefully this weekend I can just chill and relax. The night shots I took digitally but the day shots I did on film - I'll probably wait to get those developed and then post them all at once.

I ordered my camera!

Pentax *ist-DS2 (who comes up with these names?) Digital SLR. I also got the super-wide angle 18-55mm lens so I wouldn't lose my wide angle ability. The digital sensor is smaller than a 35mm film negative, so all my lenses are now 1.5x. This is good with the telephoto lenses - my 80-200mm zoom becomes a 120-300 with no loss of light. This is bad, however, for my 28-80mm zoom which becomes a 42-120mm. I want a wider angle than 42, so this 18 that's specifically made for the digital cameras will do the trick, giving me a 27mm equivalent on the digital and a super-wide 18mm on the film camera should I decide I need that. I also got a 1GB SD card. That stuff should arrive Tuesday. SO EXCITED. I'm definitely looking forward to having a DOF preview - neither of my current cameras have that. Unfortunately the 18-55 lens didn't come as a package with the camera so I had to spend a little extra. I guess the nice LowePro camera bag will have to wait, as will the new boots. I trashed my old ones tromping around the salty snow and mud on the farm. I just can't wait to attach my old existing lenses to a new digital camera and take pictures with them and have it ACTUALLY WORK. So cool.

elizabethxiii was in town the exact days we were out of town and we didn't get to hang out. So that is t3h SUCK.

At this point I'm still planning on taking another semester of school. I'm nuts for doing it but I've got the momentum, I might as well at least finish up what I've already enrolled for this year. After that I will be close enough to an Associates that I will be able to just take a class at a time and get it wrapped up pretty soon.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something or other. Oh well. Back to work.

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