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I'm a complete dork

Alright bitches. Inspired by msentropy's comment to my post about the camera bag, I've decided that this year there will be an ongoing contest in my LJ. Once a week I'll award the best LJ comment of the week award. Here are the rules:
  1. The comment must be made to an entry in MY LJ. Doesn't have to be a root comment, meaning it can be way down the chain, but the source has to be one of my LJ entries. EXCEPTION: If I see another comment I like somewhere else.
  2. The award will be given once a week, with weeks beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. EXCEPTION: If a comment warrants, I may give out the award immediately and start a new comment period which will be extra long to make up for the shortness of the other. I may do this multiple times, so there could theoretically be 14 contests in a two week period, effectively destroying this rule completely.
  3. The comment must be made by someone on my friends list. EXCEPTION: Unless I find one by someone else that I like better.
This week's winner (this week being 1/1-1/5) is, as mentioned, msentropy, who simply forewarned me that she is going to kick me "square in the nuts".

For msentropy:

I'll keep track of who has won in my profile page thing.
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