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One For the Thumb

I don't have time for football. I love NFL football and there was a time when I watched it pretty closely, but Sundays are far too valuable to me now to spend them camped in front of the tube. It's just one of those compromises I have to make in order to have my priorities straight. However, I do try to make a point each year of at least watching the Super Bowl. This year I really wasn't in the mood for a party or a sports bar; I just wanted to sit at home and watch. I also really didn't have a favorite team. So because my friend elizabethxiii lives in Seattle and was pulling for the Seahawks, I kind of wanted them to win. Until yesterday. After watching a few hours of pregame show and learning some of the stories behind the players, I changed my mind. Bill Cowher has been the coach in Pittsburgh for 14 years which is pretty much unheard of in this era, and through all that time he hasn't won a Super Bowl. Everyone should have something to show for it after that many years of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Jerome Bettis, who (it was implied before the game) might be nearing the end of his career (he announced his retirement after the win), has been a great asset to the NFL and a great athlete, and he deserves to win one too. I like those kinds of stories. The Seahawks are a young team and have a proven coach in Holmgren, so I think they have a very good shot at it again next season. Pittsburgh may not. The game itself wasn't really all that exciting (except for the trick TD pass from Randle-El to Ward, of course), and none of the commercials stand out in my mind, but it was a nice way to spend the evening.

Unwelcome Validation

Remember my rant last week? Oh yeah, probably not. None of you commented on it so I assume none of you read it. I was basically bitching about those violent blowing-shit-up fuckers in the Middle East and how there never has been and never will be peace over there because those apes are missing a gene or something.

Anyway, two stories this morning. First, a bunch of Muslims got really angry because a cartoon depicted Mohammed as violent and they disagreed with that, SO THEY TORCHED A CHURCH AND RANSACKED A NEIGHBORHOOD. Way to prove your point, idiots. Second, on Friday, a ferry carrying a bunch of Egyptian workers from Saudi Arabia to Egypt sank. Today, hundreds of relatives of passengers attacked the offices of the owners, throwing its furniture into the street and burning the company's signboard. Because the owners of the company wanted to lose their source of income. Because they made the boat sink and all, they meant for it to happen, of course.

Note to self: Read NPR's "The Mideast: A Century of Conflict" and "The Middle East and The West: A Troubled History".

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