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The stepkids came down from KC Thursday night and went back home last night. Tandra was amazingly productive and functional and almost kind of normal and healthy while they were here, and now she's a complete wreck again. The difference in her while they were here was really stark. I don't think I realized how much being away from them is affecting her, though I can't imagine being away from Kai like that.

My boss says he doesn't care where I live; I can still do the same job and work for him. He's right, and it's fucking awesome to finally have a boss who understands that fact. (I could have telecommuted indefinitely for Envision too, but Fucking Kent wasn't having anything to do with it, because he's an old codger.)

There are a million considerations. First, I'm going to find out what kind of options I have to gracefully get out of my apartment lease early. Like, right now.

Please note the distinct lack of proclamations about what's going to happen or what I'm going to do. This is all just going to happen as it happens, if it happens.

Just the same, any of you who have moved from one city to another enough times (two will do) to have experience and share advice and maybe have a checklist and can say "don't forget about _____", kindly share.

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