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Recently I was in San Diego for a convention/trade show for my job. My company makes management software for assisted living facilities - that's boring and you don't care.

What you do care about is the fact that in the other half of the convention center, they were setting up for the 2006 North American Mazda Dealer Meeting. There was absolutely no security, we walked right in, and there were a line of frikkin sweet Mazdas - race cars, one-off customs, etc. It was absolutely stunning.

I got good shots of a Le Mans style race car (the Courage C65), a factory-built MX-5 Cup car made for the SCCA MX-5 Cup race series, painted to match the Le Mans-winning 787B, a one-off MX-5 by Troy Lee Designs, and an RX-8 race car.

This is a custom RX-8 - I failed to get any details on it.

Here's the MX-5 done by Troy Lee Designs for SEMA.

The Mazda MX-5 Cup Car.

The RX-8 race car.

The C65 Courage.

The race cars.

Sorry I didn't get shots of the open-wheel car or the 3 - I was a little antsy about security and my boss was hurrying me along.
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