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Last night to celebrate Tandra's birthday we went to the Uptown Bistro. This is an interesting little place in the Old Town Plaza area. It's a pretty nice place with some kind of upscale foods, good chefs, expensive wines, a big Martini list, etc. We went there because Tandra wanted escargot. She decided it was her favorite place to eat, and I agreed. Then I realized that our favorite places to eat are the Uptown Bistro... and the Nifty Kitchen.

This is funny because the Nifty Kitchen is a 24-hour greasy spoon dive on South Broadway, which for years was widely known as the street to cruise if you wanted to pick up a hooker. The cops cracked down on that but the area's still seedy as hell and I'm sure the toothless whores are still plentiful. The Kitchen has pretty much nothing but honky tonk on the jukebox, grungy off-white walls and ceiling tiles, and a clientele that Wal-Mart wouldn't claim. But goddamn, their food is good. Plus both of us can eat there for the cost of one entree at the Bistro. :-)

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