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Last night Tandra gave me a couple bucks as a birthday/father's day present. I decided that since my 4-year-old PS2 is dying a grievous extended death in which it plays some games periodically, some games consistently, and some not at all, and since I was one frikkin race away from beating NFSMW which happens to be one of the games which NEVER plays, that I'd put those bucks towards the purchase of a new PS2. $130 for a new console isn't too bad, really, especially since I'm not at all sure I intend to drop 6 frikkin smacks on a PS3 when they come out.

So I carted myself to Wal-Mart, where as I was driving through the parking lot, some sloppy redneck boy yelled "ricer!" at me like it was something I would deny or be ashamed of. I found that to be almost as hilarious as the fact that when I asked him what he drove, he ignored me. I mean, come on, what's with the stupid rivalry? If I can appreciate a drift-prepared S14 Silvia (HEY DRIFTMONKEY: SR20DET) and a Foose-overhauled Hemi Cuda with equal amounts of drool, can't everyone? Why can't car guys just be car guys? Ignorant.

So I knew that the new "slimline" PS2 was skinny compared to the original model, but I was absolutely astounded when I got home. Holy frikkin crap, this thing is like the size of a graham cracker, and would probably be even smaller except that it had to be big enough to plug in controllers and memory cards and put a disc in. Unreal. I sat it down on the DVR cable box where the old one used to live and it took me half an hour to find it again.

But the best part is that I can now play all my games again. Well, except for THE ONE I REALLY WANTED TO PLAY. "Please insert a Playstation or Playstation 2 formatted disc." WTF? Dammit. You know, the disc LOOKS really good, no obvious scratches or anything. I have no idea why it won't play. We even tried shaving cream. So I'm going to try to exchange it at Wal-Mart. If that doesn't work I'm going to look for it at the used game store.

Nothing like dropping $140 to play a game and then not being able to play it. Yay!

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