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the latest on Tandra

This morning at 5:00 AM Tandra woke me up, saying she couldn't take the abdominal pain any more. Her percocet was having no effect. So we loaded the kids up all early, took them to her mom's, and went to the ER. They were fabulously helpful, giving her pain/nausea medication, doing no investigation whatsoever, and saying "go see your doctor." Assfaces.

Fortunately, we already had a series of appointments lined up for her today - chest x-ray, EKG/treadmill, and a follow-up with her regular doctor.

So we went to those. We could tell something was wrong with the chest x-ray by the way they were acting about it, and then they decided not to do the treadmill at all, so we knew something was up.

When they did the EKG, her resting heart rate was 136 bpm.

The doctor took a look at the x-ray and admitted her to the hospital. Apparently her lungs are full of fluid, and there's a "mass" in her left lung. They think it might be a blood clot. So they think she has a pulmonary embolism. Yes, it's serious.

They did an echo/ultrasound of her heart today and her heart looked good. The theory is that it's only beating so rapidly because the lungs aren't working like they're supposed to.

Just to be clear, the chest/heart issues are most likely unrelated to the abdominal pain we went to the ER for (we think that's ovarian cysts), and we still don't know if either are related to the nausea.

Today they also took CT scans of her chest, abdomen, and pelvis, so hopefully we can get ALL this stuff taken care of.

I should point out right now how much I like Galichia Hospital. Everyone we've come in contact with, and all the rules and procedures and things, are all far better than any other hospital experience we've had.

This whole thing is kinda scary. I have to go now - she wants me to stay there with her tonight, so I'm going to. The kids are all staying with her mom tonight, and the two older kids are going back to Kansas City tomorrow - their dad is coming to pick them up.

Keep us in your thoughts.
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