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warning: light use of sarcasm detected

It's a good thing they let Tandra out of the hospital in time to get to her OB/GYN appointment.

See, 'cause he told her he was pretty sure the problem wasn't in her girl parts, so that's good, 'cause now we know.

I think what I said to the doctor was "Goddammit I'm about to go crazy and kill someone if we can't get some goddamn answers about what's going on with her!"

So I'm going to reschedule her with mom's alternative medicine doctor. Because no one else, not even the hospital, seems to have a MOTHER FUCKING CLUE what's going on, and I really am beginning to feel murderous.

In other news, we now have six highly explosive cannisters of oxygen in our apartment, all pressurized to 2000 psi. They also came and plugged in an oxygen-making-box, and Tandra has to wear the oxygen hose at all times. They gave us a nice big long hose so she can go wherever in the apartment and still have it. The guy told us these cannisters, if ignited properly, will go through a brick wall six blocks away, and would burn down the entire building if they lit up. He also told us a horror story about a lady who lit up a cigarette while wearing oxygen, and the fire traveled up her cheeks and around her ears, following the oxygen tube, melting the plastic to her face and leaving a permanent scar. Which is ridiculous, because Tandra unwittingly smoked FOUR cigarettes in the car yesterday WHILE WEARING OXYGEN. We had no idea we nearly blew ourselves to bits. Maybe I should have paid more attention in physics, or maybe taken a chemistry class at some point in my life. She had one cigarette while she was in the hospital, and four or so yesterday. If she wants to smoke now, she has to take off the oxygen, go into the other room, breathe normal air for five minutes, THEN light up. She says she will probably smoke far less if it's that much of a pain in the ass, and she has talked about how maybe this will help her to quit. That'd be awesome.

She's very depressed about being so restricted and tied down. I don't blame her.

So, to recap: after numerous high-res images of Tandra's insides, no one has a clue what's causing her constant pain or vomiting. That's so awesome. Her new doctor though is out of town the rest of this week and she has a follow-up with him on Tuesday, so I'm hoping he'll be on the case. Also, Tandra theorizes that all of this may be due to stress. I suppose it's possible. She has almost no mental ability to handle stress whatsoever, so it makes sense that it would transition to a physical thing, and our little apartment has been so messy and full of crap and clutter, and that drives her nuts, and then we had all three kids down for a while...

This weekend I have no choice but to clean the holy hell out of the apartment. Anyone who wants to drop by and help is encouraged. I can't WAIT!

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