I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

She's too sedated to take out the breathing tube. When they lower her sedative level, she freaks out, tries to pull the tube out, throw her legs over the bed rails, climb out of bed entirely, etc. (All in sedated slow motion, of course.) The nurses said she was a handful this morning. I know why - it's anxiety. They had her wrists in (soft) restraints so she wouldn't pull the tube out. She's got a damn tube in her throat, two chest tubes going into her side draining the incisions, and a catheter. And she's probably confused and freaked out and in a lot of pain. So when they try to wake her up, her blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate all shoot up, and her O2 levels go down.

But if they could get the tube out, she wouldn't be so anxious and she'd feel a lot better. So it's a suckass cycle.

They finally started giving her some anxiety medication. She was sleeping quietly a couple hours ago when I left for shift change. Over the course of tonight they will try to slowly lower her sedative level while managing the pain and anxiety and in the morning they will try to take the tube out again. Unfortunately the maximum level of sedation allowed in order to remove the tube is half of what she's on right now. She has to be basically awake and alert before they can take it out. So that's going to be a challenge. That damn tube was her #1 anxiety going in and I know she's hating it.

Anyway. That's the scoop. I'm doing okay. It's really hard watching her labor so hard to breathe, taking such fast, shallow breaths. It's a strong reminder that the fact that the surgery went well is a good thing in the middle of a big pile of suck.

Ok, I'm depressing myself. I'm going back to the hospital now. I'm sure that'll help.

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