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My dad got a LiveJournal account - woody605. He's set that account up strictly to help people who want to donate anonymously but don't want to use paypal. He's big on that being an option. So he's made a post where you can go and leave a comment if you want to do that. All comments are screened, and anonymous comments are allowed. In order for him to not have his contact information posted publicly, you have to leave him your contact info in a comment.

It's been three weeks and a couple days since Tandra's surgery, and three weeks and a couple days since Kai has lived with us. His grandparents have been keeping him so that I don't have to care for both he and Tandra. Teresa (Tandra's mom) is his regular day care provider anyway so it's not a huge shock to him - he's accustomed to her and her house. My parents take him from Thursday nights to Sunday nights. His grandparents all bring him to visit frequently but god do I miss him. I know he misses us too - last night he was throwing such tantrums that my parents asked me to go out to their house and try to calm him down. I spent an hour or so playing with him and he was pretty happy the whole time. Then I tried to put him to bed. He didn't want to let me leave the room (there's a bed and a crib in my parents' guest room) so I laid down with him on the bed and we both fell asleep together. It was really nice. Then I woke up and quietly put him in the crib before I left. I guess my going out there and spending time with him helped; my parents said he was much happier today.

He's growing and learning new things and I feel like we're missing it. Since he's been living with grandparents, he's learned to open and close his hands and say bye ("baaah!"). It is really adorable, except for when he's walking down the hall away from the apartment with his grandma, turning around and waving "bah!" to me every few feet. That's just heart-breaking. He should be staying here and saying "bah" to his grandma as she leaves, not going with her. I know we can't care for him right now and I know he's in just as good of hands with his grandparents as he would be here with us, but it doesn't change how much I miss him. I cried a little bit tonight after he left. It's just so sad watching him walk away. God, that kid has my whole heart right in his little hands.

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