I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

There was an exhibit at the local art museum. A guy strung steel cables all over the outside of the museum and placed pulley wheels on them, and hanging from the pulley wheels was an assembly with a light bulb and a free-swiveling, rotating fan. The result was that as the fans spun around, the light bulbs would get blown around in random directions. From a distance it looked like fireflies.

I took Tandra to see them, and we were both inspired to propose to each other. From then on, fireflies were our thing.

When we were having some problems, one of the things I did to get her back was to put together a CD of music she hadn't heard but that I knew she'd like. She loved knowing I knew her that well. I put a lot of hours into that CD, making sure every song had just the right sound, and just the right words to convey the message I wanted for her. I was lucky enough to find a song called Fireflies by Lori McKenna to end the CD off with. The song talks about Peter Pan, another ongoing theme in Tandra's life. She loved the idea of the story and never wanted to grow up, so the song was perfect on a number of levels.

So this news is like a year old, but whatever, I don't follow country music. Turns out Faith Hill re-recorded the song and the album went to the top of the country charts. I didn't know that, and it's not fair that Tandra never got to hear that version of the song.

I'm playing it now though, and she's hearing it now. :-) Go find it and listen to it. Either version is good.

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