I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Maybe I did and I just forgot.

Today is weird. I was up too late last night so I slept in and said I woke up with a migraine (I didn't). So I didn't get here until 11. It's 3 now so I've been here for 4 hours but this day has DRAGGED AND DRAGGED and how can it seem so slow and dreadfully boring when I've only been here since 11? It's all foggy and fuzzy outside and no matter how much internets I read, I feel weirdly disconnected from the world in a way I can't really articulate. It's weird.

However, I can confirm (don't you hate it when people say that? think outside the box, people, please) that Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch Doritos are full of yum and burnination.

Today marks the triumphant return of the Mario Hoodie. Because I couldn't wait for the exchange process to happen, I simply ordered a new one of the correct size and returned the first one for a refund. Should be showing up any time now. 1up to you all.

Oh, and how is it that I'm 30 years old and have only just now been made aware of the potential of Mentos and Diet Coke? I should have known that by like sixth grade for sure.

  • Sun through the trees

    Sun through the trees, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description:

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    1331163225055, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: Found this strange scene while wandering campus earlier.

  • Relic

    Relic, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: This relic is actually sitting unused in one of my classrooms.

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