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short version: for some stupid reason, the hot water heater at the new house (which is in the garage) was walled up behind a couple pieces of drywall. wtf. anyway, I went home at lunch yesterday to take the wall off, light the pilot light, turn the heater on, and put the wall back on so I'd have hot water when I got home. Instead, I had water flowing out of the garage down the driveway into the street. oh crap. turns out the pressure valve on the top had siezed or corroded or something and water was just belching out of it. I have no idea how many hours that went on. I immediately removed the wall and shut off the gas to the heater. After a while the pressure subsided and the water stopped flowing. Landlord came out and replaced the valve. Works now. Nothing was damaged except the useless drywall which is not going back on. landlord says the previous tenant was fairly handy and went nuts drywalling things one day. who knows.

later i got to work on the house and my goal was to have usable laundry. again, short version: this required taking apart the dryer to get the little hot air/lint exhaust tube hooked up properly, and when I went to turn on the water to the washing machine, the hot water hose busted. again, due to corrosion - it was in storage for a year, after all. I happened to have a spare, so I attached it, and finally after far too many hours, I have usable laundry devices. w1n.

I'm feeling antisocial again today, so tonight I hope to put in many more hours. I want to finish the garage (aside from putting the stove and fridge in the shed which isn't empty yet), the pantry, and the kitchen hutch. that will finish out the kitchen/dining area.

so ya. ltr.

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