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more bitching - office people this time

Everyone has annoying people in their office, right? Sure. You know on Office Space, the lady who answers the phone, "Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment!" Well, Regina is kind of like that only worse. Real worse. Let me count the ways:

1. She has a very clear voice which projects very well, which means everyone in the DEPARTMENT hears every word of every conversation she has.
2. She knows she has this projectile voice and uses that fact frequently.
3. She thinks phrases like "don't even go there" and "oh, you know it!" are witty, and uses them frequently. You know, the kind of "clever" stuff you see on keychains at Spencer's or t-shirts at Wal-Mart (five years ago).
4. She has this know-it-all vibe that emanates from her. She waddles around all annoying and gives off this vibe of "I know so much about what I'm doing that I'm entitled to act this way." Don't know if you know what I'm talking about, it's one of those things you just sort of have to experience to understand.

This is also the same woman with the scary fast eye-to-eye scan. So for future reference if I bitch about Regina, that's who.

There's also another guy who has only proven his worthlessness to me recently, and it's unfortunate because he's a VP of the company. But let me tell you about the egregious violation of workplace courtesy that this man has committed. Let me describe to you the full-on e-mail assault he has launched in recent weeks.

This man is sending out an e-mail a day, every morning, to (it would appear) every single e-mail address he's ever stumbled across... giving a COUNTDOWN UNTIL HIS BIRTHDAY. NOT someone else's, HIS OWN BIRTHDAY.

Let me give you an example:
8/6, Subject "22 & Counting"
body "The countdown has started"

(NO explanation whatsoever...so I disregarded)

8/7, Subject "Definition:"
body "(presents); when given notice of ones b-day in advance, generous gifts should be given to the honoree on that day."

8/8, Subject "Surprise"
body "Thought there was not going to be a reminder even when I am on vacation, nice try. Count down is at 20"

8/9, Subject "Re: Surprise"
body " He's making a list"

(Who, Santa Claus?)

8/12, Subject "Truth of B-days"
body "The truth about birthdays, "one year older and also one year wiser" - I will vouch for it "

WHO DOES THAT?? Who is so tactless as to, unsolicited, give EVERYONE a daily reminder of his birthday, for THREE WEEKS??

This day conspires to drive me mad.
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