I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

It's a good day in politics and a good day for the country.

Here in the crimson red state of Kansas, we reelected our democratic governor, contributed to the shift of power in the house by replacing one republican with a democrat, and kicked the crap out of our neocon Attorney General. He had been violating the privacy rights of minors by subpoenaing their medical records from clinics that perform abortions, looking for evidence of crimes. On the surface, he was looking for instances of rape or statutory rape. In actuality, I believe he was looking to find any reason to prosecute people who have had abortions. We kicked his punk ass out.

Nationally it's a good day too. In South Dakota, voters overwhelmingly rejected a bill that their state legislature passed which banned almost all forms of abortion and was intended to be a challenge to Roe v Wade. Eminent Domain restrictions were passed in seven states. Arizona voters voted to reject a ballot measure that would have banned same-sex marriage. Missouri's ballot measure to allow stem cell research passed. Many many states raised the minimum wage.

It wasn't all good - many states passed measures to disallow same sex marriages and many states had ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana which failed to pass. But overall, I think voters got their shits together and sent a message to their leaders, and for the first time since I realized my views are democratic, I feel like there are enough other people who feel like I do to make a difference, and I feel like I helped make a difference.

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