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oh, right, I forgot...

Since unhappymeal reminded me...Weekend Update, with Colin Quinn (shut up, he was funny)

Dog maintenance
Went to sucktacular Event #1 with girl
Went to moderately enjoyable Event #2 (watching Miah and Kevin mix their own rocket fuel and set colorful things on fire) although fun was tainted by mood from Event #1...while girl went to meet her friend
Went home, both of us feeling craptacular. (yes, everything's *tacular today.)
Dog maintenance

Slept till 11:30 or some such hour... ahh, wonderfulness
Dog maintenance
Went looking for a cheap lighting solution for my work desk downstairs... decided it was out of the budget (yes, a small budget)
Hooked up a makeshift temporary lighting solution and worked on model
Kids came over
Nic starts crying immediately
I can't deal for some reason today so I retreat to the basement
Dog maintenance
Lounge around watching TV

Awakened to figure out that I need to watch the kids while girl goes to bridal show, that's cool
Dog maintenance
Feed kids and put one to bed (it's nap time already, that's when I woke up)
Work on model and website
Lounge around house
Bash the shit out of my little toe
Dog maintenance
Sloppy joes (mmmmm)
Laziness and TV
A bit of PS2 before bed

This morning
Wake up
Dog maintenance (rather unpleasant)
Figure out the jigsaw puzzle of putting myself, two kids, and five baskets of laundry into the car
Drop off laundry and kids at girl's mom's
And here I am

You can tell the days I'm feeling very restless and not in a very good mood because I post a LOT.

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