I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Yay, I worked out! I did the skiing machine thing for 15 minutes, I cycled for 15 minutes, and I rowed for 15 minutes (2800m). I also walked half a mile. Yes, I had the machines on enough resistance to work myself out. I predict that tomorrow my arms will hurt like a bitch because today I exercised them more than I have since the beginning of ever.

Then I ate a huge (for me) dinner. W1n!

*** ZOMG GROSS OUT ALERT (you've been warned) ***
So my dog, my sweet good-natured well-behaved dog, has developed the sickest, most repulsive habit you've ever imagined. If I am unfortunate enough to leave the door to Kai's room open when I go to work, and if I have not emptied the particular trash can which contains his dirty diapers, she drags them out and basically destroys them all over the floor. No, I know, but it gets worse. Listen - I figured out today by careful observation that something in this equation didn't add up - something was missing.


*gag* *retch*

I kick her ass but yet she still believes this to be a good idea. I’m sure she’s convinced that she could stop if she wanted to.

I leave you with this: Glad Press 'n' Seal. I will never buy cling wrap again.
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