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it is physically impossible for this day to suck harder than it does. can't be done.

For lunch I drove around. I went to the property management place (thanks for the reminders), but then I just drove around. I usually listen to Jim Rome at lunch, today I listened to Orgy, AK1200, and a little Sisters of Mercy. I drove slow, down tree-lined streets without much traffic. I looked at the cloudy sky and thought about stuff. I felt like I was in a weird trance of some sort. I felt like I was on the edge of either a spiritual awakening or a nervous breakdown. (Comforting to know there are guys like me on the road, right?)

Last night I was watching TLC and some base jumpers jumped into this cave in Mexico. It's called the Cave of the Swallows, or something like that, and it's basically this monstrous hole in the ground, about 1400 feet straight down. What a cool place to be. I'd love to hang out in the bottom of that for a while. (It's a bit bell shaped, larger at the bottom, large enough for a city block). I think that would be cool. Any geographical feature would be good at this point. Southern England, in the neighborhood of Stonehenge, is where lots of Earth's spiritual lines cross, they* say. Also Sedona, AZ. What about mountains, the Grand Canyon, even a big river (ours sucks). I think there are places on Earth which are spiritual locations, and Kansas is for certain not one of them. There is not a damn thing beautiful about nature here with the one glaring exception of thunderstorms. And to me, it's starting to not be worth it. I want to be somewhere else.

So I get home, finally, to make a sandwich and as soon as I walk in the door, I know something is wrong. I smell shit. Then I remember, oh yeah, I had to clean up after the dog this morning and I didn't take the time to actually take the trash out to the dumpster. Ok, I'll do that after I take the dogs out to potty.

But oh no. My fucktacular day had so much more to give.

My freaking idiot dog has shat (don't you hate that word) INSIDE her crate. This is not usual doggy behavior. This worries me since this morning her poopies were soft. I know you are craving this detail. Maybe she is sick? Not the point. Point is, she did not just simply shit in one corner and then hang out in the other. It is somehow spread ALL OVER the goddamn place, all over the tray (her crate has a removable tray on the bottom like a birdcage), and somehow all over HER. And the stench in that room was enough to make me gag three times and almost hurl.

Wait, it gets better. So I take her outside, caring not to touch her too much (work clothes and all) and she pees a little bit and bounces around the yard like a perfectly healthy Bailey. Doesn't bother to crap, which I guess shouldn't surprise me since her crate is the new designated doggy toilet. But now what? I'm not about to let her lounge all around the kitchen and eat like I usually do over lunch. I'm not having her get doggy shit all over while she's eating, and what if she goes again? In the kitchen?? Hells no. Okay, what if I tie her up downstairs outside her crate? She'll bark and howl and wail and moan and piss all over the floor, like she does when I leave her there. So I had no choice but to put her back into that disgusting crate and leave it until after work. I mean, what am I gonna do? I've wasted most of my lunch hour moseying around in the car wasting gas, I don't have time to clean her or her cage, even if I had time to change clothes. Which I don't.

So I have THAT to look forward to after work.

Today is actually turning out to be quite LJ-tacular.

I should be making phone calls to check references on the $20,000 software product we're thinking about buying, but I'm not.

* don't know who "they" is

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