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So, I had an appointment with my financial counselor. He's only a mile from my office. I left right after the 1:00 photo. Well, like I said, those shots do NOT do the blizzard outside justice, like at all. Visibility was like 50 yards and the wind was insane and whatnot. Whatever, I'm good. Make it to the appointment no problem. I go to leave, start the car, it immediately dies and thenceforth will not even turn over. At all.

Many phone calls later I discover that I'm approximately half a mile from the house where my dad left his 4x4 Tahoe when he went to Denver. My auto insurance policy includes roadside assistance. My mechanic is closed indefinitely for remodeling. So tomorrow I'll have the car towed to... somewhere. Don't know where.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you pictures of snow, which are very likely the exact same thing lots of other people are posting, and are probably quite boring.

This is a HIGHWAY. Completely unsalted.

I like when the snow blows across the road like this.

Oops. And of course I would snap the exact moment when the cops lights were off - they were flashing.

Ridge road, a major street, also unsalted.

This guy was stopped, he couldn't make it up the on ramp.

My street

My front door when I got home

My patio furniture.
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