I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I acquired a couple more Cars: Doc Hudson, Yellow Ramone, and Radiator Springs McQueen.

I still need:

* Nitroade
* Lizzie
* Chick
* DJ
* Leakless
* Fabulous Hudson Hornet
* Dirt Track McQueen
* Brand New Mater
* Buzz
* Woody
* Luigi
* Guido
* Tractor
* Mack

Also, I want a barware set. I need everything. I have a blender, but I don't have a martini shaker, liquors, mixers, martini glasses, or anything else really. Just a couple highball glasses, and they don't match anything else.

I think I'm going to get myself a 360 for Christmas, and maybe a CD player for the Miata.
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