I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Been sick since Monday night. Feel like shit. Really hoping to feel better by tomorrow so I can start work on the car.


Oh. Um, yeah. Let's see - Strong ACT clutch, lightened aluminum flywheel, 550cc injectors, new intake, electronic boost solenoid, some various odds and ends...

and a Hydra Nemesis ECU.

This will take me from 170hp which doesn't all get to the ground all the time to 230hp or more which DOES always get to the ground, using the same turbo & engine.

SO - Ace and Monkey - maybe this weekend and definitely next week in the evenings, I will be wrenching on the Miata and will need all the help I can get. Plus, I still have to figure out whether the fuel pump isn't doing its job, or I've got a vacuum leak or clogged fuel filter, or what. Oh, and I need to swap out the coil pack and replace the valve cover gasket.

So - HELP!
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